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Northern VA and Washington, DC:  http://www.advocacydays.org

A World Uprooted: Responding to Migrants, Refugees and Displaced People

Ecumenical Advocacy Days 2018 will focus on the uprootedness of our world.  We will analyze current policy and envision ways to more fully and justly respond to the global and local needs of displaced communities. Through prayer, worship, advocacy training, and networking, we will seek policy changes that advance hope and overcome the devastating impacts of conflict, climate change and corruption on God’s people.

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5:00 PM17:00


New York:  http://www.boycott-wendys.org

For years, farmworkers with the Coalition of Immokalee Workers (CIW) and their allies have called on Wendy’s to join all of its major competitors in the Presidential Medal-winning Fair Food Program, a uniquely successful approach to eliminating human rights abuses in the agricultural industry. Instead of joining the Program, Wendy’s has taken its tomato purchases to Mexico, where workers continue to confront wage theft, gender-based violence, child labor, and even slavery without access to protections.  Now tens of thousands strong, and endorsed by over a hundred organizations, the boycott will only continue to grow until Wendy's does the right thing.

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to Mar 15

FAST for FREEDOM: Breaking Our Silence to Stop Sexual Violence in the Fields

New York:  http://www.boycott-wendys.org/register-fast

Dozens of farmworkers with the Coalition of Immokalee Workers and consumer allies from across the country will begin a five-day Freedom Fast on the morning of Sunday, March 11 to demand an end to sexual violence in the fields. They will be stationed around the clock outside Trian Partners, the hedge fund offices of Wendy's Board Chair Nelson Peltz, at 280 Park Avenue in Manhattan. Learn more about why we're fasting

Supporters are encouraged to join them on site throughout the week (see schedule of events below). If you are unable to stop by or join the culminating Time's Up Wendy's March on March 15, please consider sending along a message of solidarity for the fasters to organize@allianceforfairfood.org. These messages will be read on site each afternoon during the fast. 

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